By Something Independent July 7, 2016.

We called. You answered. The Wright nominations are in. Over 125 inspiring Colorado companies. Some big. Some small. Some young. Some old. All operating at the intersection of lifestyle and commerce. Over the next month the 125 will become 12. The 2016 class of Wright Contenders. Here’s how it works:

During the month of July, our selection committee will research, sample, product test, meet, debate and flat out go to the mat in getting us to our 12 official contenders — give or take. The 2016 class could be 10. It could be 15. The Wright is part art, part science.

We look for leadership. We look for grit. We listen to your peers. You innovate in the course of your every day. The outdoors is as inherent to your culture as it is to your bottom line. Wright contenders are stewards. Mindful of our western heritage. Inspired by our landscapes. Willing to take a stand. And, carrying forward today a pioneering spirit that has long been synonymous with the American West. You can’t always put your finger on it, but therein lies the beauty in each of these unique and inspiring companies.

Now it’s time we put our heads down and get to work in selecting this year’s Wright contenders. The 2016 class will be announced in early August and those selected will set off to create their 90-second video entries. We will convene with contenders past and present October 17-18, and learn who will emerge from the pack to take home the 2016 Wright.

Until then, perhaps the Wright contender is better shown than said.

Topo Designs 2013 & 2015 Contender

ReActive Adaptations 2015 Finalist

Voormi 2013 Winner

Optic Nerve Eyewear 2013 Finalist & 2014 Contender

Boa Technology 2013 Contender

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