Basecamp_logo.14.08.15Debuting at Denver Startup Week 2013, Basecamp – launched by Chase – quickly became the entrepreneurial hub for all Denver Startup Week attendees. Denver Startup Week is proud to announce the return of Basecamp this year in the heart of Downtown Denver at 1515 Arapahoe Street (at the intersection of Arapahoe and the 16th Street Mall), located on the first floor of Ashford University’s Denver Online Center. More than 2,000 DSW attendees visited Basecamp in 2013, and this year we’re ready for more. Basecamp 2014 offers a larger space and an expanded offering of keynote speakers, panelists and one-on-one mentor sessions, featuring local and national CEOs, founders, entrepreneurs, and developers.  There will also be live music, networking events, food and plenty of coffee! Stop by Basecamp, the hub of Denver Startup Week 2014.

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_MG_1249-X2The Basecamp 2014 Gallery is now live!

See highlights and the happenings at Basecamp 2014.