We Believe

It takes just one, or only a small handful of
principled, committed people to have an
outsized impact in the shaping of a community,
its culture and its economy.

Our Mission

The true purpose in our work lies not necessarily in creating more ski makers, boat-builders, bike manufacturers, craft brewers or distillers, but rather to inspire the pursuit of the possible, to create more independent thinkers who exercise a moral imagination around the outdoors, who share of love of place and are drawn to lead a life rich with meaningful work.

The Wright

The Wright, a 3-day summit and award program illuminating the industry and culture of the outdoors returns April 29- May 2, to Golden, Colorado. Featuring a 3-part series of lunch-hour keynote conversations and a dozen afternoon panel discussions; all free and open to the public.

Events Calendar

We convene doers, amplify initiatives of importance, and through sharing of stories, we expose a portrait of leadership that is courageous, principled and collaborative.