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Across Colorado there exists a distinct independent spirit that is nowhere more evident than in those Colorado entrepreneurs living at the intersection of business and lifestyle. In recognition of their commitment, their accomplishments and their passion, we are honored to announce the 2012 Something Independent Entrepreneur Award. This is not a business plan competition. This is 90 seconds to make our judges believe in you.

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In the creation of this second annual award, S|I looks to tap the Colorado spirit of independence, all that it represents and all that it inspires, in showcasing those that will lead the next great wave of Colorado businesses. Having recently set out On the Road *** hyperlink On the Road USPC* alongside the 2012 USA Pro Challenge, we were introduced to the stories of many amazing businesses across the state and the people behind them. Their passion, rather than their industry, was the common thread. With this in mind, the 2012 S|I Entrepreneur Award moves beyond the realm of snowsports to include all those that embody the essence and resolve associated with being a Colorado company.

Video applications are due by 5:00pm, September 17 20, 2012. For submission details and criteria, click here.

In 2011, Denver-based Flylow Gear emerged as winner from a talented pool of applicants from across Colorado representing custom ski manufacturers, filmmakers, meteorologists, outdoor apparel companies, commercial furniture designers, and software technologists. Flylow Co-Founder, Dan Abrams will serve on the selection committee for the 2012 Entrepreneur Award. For a look at Flylow’s 2011 winning submission, click here.


This year, we are excited about the expanded pool of potential entrants and look forward to seeing some of Colorado’s innovative up and coming, as well as more established, companies compete for the 2012 S|I Entrepreneur Award. The winning entrant will receive $1,500 to be used at their discretion.

In addition to new applicants, we anticipate and encourage companies that participated last year to submit again for consideration for the 2012 award. David Liechty, Founder of Grace Skis and 2011 entrant says, “Simply participating in the 2011 S|I Entrepreneur Awards provided us a unique platform to share our story, valuable exposure to new audiences and an event that brought together entrepreneurs from across the state, many of whom we now keep in touch with on a regular basis. Count Grace Skis in for 2012.”

What are you waiting for? You have until September 17, to submit for your chance to become the 2012 Something Independent Entrepreneur Award winner.

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