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Despite the economic downturn currently in America, a new exciting industry is on the rise. The American Craft Brewers are truly rebuilding the economy from the ground up. They are creating great beer, but with that product also comes jobs, tax revenue, and a drive that cannot be stopped for creating a better tomorrow. This documentary follows several of the key players in the industry as well as many breweries that are only known within their communities. The characters that we follow in this film all display a common thread of creating a product that stands for something while maintaining true to their local roots.

This production is being shot nationwide, Crafting A Nation features breweries, small businesses, and individuals that are growing because of the rise in the American craft beer movement. The characters that are selected for this film are all picked for their passion, and dedication. Our characters are striving to not only create a uniquely American made product but they are also committed to the improvement of the quality of life despite the odds faced by the economic downturn.

Something Independent is a proud partner in Crafting a Nation. If you haven’t already, check out Free Mind Productions’ first film, Beer Culture.