Branding Colorado

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9 years ago Features

Bart Taylor of ColoradoBiz Magazine gives his take on the Colorado Blueprint, Governor Hickenlooper’s plan for energizing business and investment in the state. We think Taylor nails it in closing with, “We’re risk-takers, we’re independent, we’re leading edge, and we’re an emerging mecca for entrepreneurs. Colorado means business.” Check out Taylor’s full article which includes mentions of Wagner, Folsom and Icelantic skis, and outerwear brands, Flylow and Loki.

And for those of you who are into Colorado being a great place for business and entrepreneurs, we recommend you not only read Taylor’s article, but also dig into the “bottom-up” economic blueprint. The six core objectives are based on feedback from across the state. Looks pretty good on paper. Next challenge, putting the blueprint to work. You have it in you, Colorado. We know you do.

The six-core objectives of the Colorado Blueprint

1. Build a business-friendly environment

2. Retain, grow and recruit companies

3. Increase access to capital

4. Create and market a stronger Colorado brand

5. Educate and train the work force of the future

6. Cultivate innovation and technology

Take a look at the full story here: Branding Colorado

View the plan here: Colorado Blueprint