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In 2008, Ben Parsons opened an urban winery in a converted Quonset hut in a back alley in Denver, CO, and set out on a mission to craft ridiculously good wine without any pretense. In 2012, The Infinite Monkey Theorem became just the second winery in the United States to put its wine in a can. “It became clear that we were only going to go somewhere if we were willing to differentiate. There are over a million brands competing for shelf space,” Parsons explains. “So alternate packaging started to make a lot of sense. Kegs, tap wine, and cans.” – Ben Parsons, Founder, Infinite Monkey Theorem.

This year, with the help of strong partnerships with Ball Corporation and Wild Goose Canning, The Infinite Monkey Theorem will can 30,000 cases of wine and ship to 42 states.

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Business partnerships can be the key to unlocking innovation. And when leaders from diverse industry sectors come together, the outcomes can be transformative. CO:BUILT explores the collaborative nature of discovery by looking at relationships that began with a need for invention and have resulted in the development of new processes, products and partnerships.

The images and video experienced here are the work of Chris Haugen – Colorado photographer, videographer and founder of Free Lunch Creative – shot in special collaboration with Something Independent. This CO:BUILT story of was also presented as a panel discussion at the 2015 COIN Summit, in collaboration with the Colorado Innovation Network.