Crafting a Nation

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8 years ago Features

Ah, the holidays. Last minute seems to be the name of the game for many of us. But don’t stress. In fact, sit back and buy yourself and your loved one a beer. Well, indirectly through this kickstarter campaign, you’ll be buying yourself a beer by supporting Crafting a Nation, a feature length documentary that tells the story of how American Craft Breweries are rebuilding the economy, one beer at a time. The film, now in post-production, is a holiday offering worth supporting for those who share a passion for the craft beer culture and the spirit of entrepreneurism it embodies. With a little more help from lovers of good beer and good films, you’ll be able to put this feature length documentary from the team that brought you Beer Culture – The Movie, under the tree for all your friends next year.


Across the country, the Craft Brewing industry continues to grow and thrive. This is especially true in Colorado, where over 160 craft breweries contribute an annual $446 million boost to the state’s economy. Crafting a Nation explores the impact of the industry in communities around the nation, telling the story of great beer and passionate entrepreneurs. The film follows some of the major players in the craft beer industry, but also showcases many breweries known only within their local communities, such as Denver’s own Black Shirt Brewing Company. Other Colorado breweries featured in the film include Odell Brewing Company, Upslope Brewing Company, and Renegade Brewing Company.


The Crafting a Nation team has been calling the Something Independent offices home for the past 6+ months as they’ve wrapped their travels and shooting schedule and moved into post-production. They work long hours and are passionate about their craft. We couldn’t be happier to support them, see them approach completion and reach closer to their dream of bringing the real story of craft beer to national and international audiences. Now so close to the finish line, the crew is looking for the last bit of support from craft beer lovers and loyal supporters to help them put the finishing touches on the film. Head on over and help them finish the film!