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Bob Diddlebock’s recent Time Magazine article, Sweet Spot ($), introduced the nation to a phenomenon that we in Colorado are becoming quite familiar with. The story told of the rise of the independent ski company and specifically mentioned Colorado-based Wagner Custom Skis, Grace Skis, Meier Skis and Apex Ski Boots.
The story inspired Something Independent’s Chuck Sullivan to bust out his typewriter and fire off this letter to Time Mag’s editorial staff.

I appreciated finding Bob Diddlebock’s recent article, Sweet Spot, in the MONEY section, of your April 2, 2012 issue. Sweet Spot is much more than a piece on the growth of independent, small-batch ski companies in Colorado. It’s a story of entrepreneurship. The likes of Pete Wagner, Dave Liechty, Denny Hanson, and Matt Cudmore are blurring the lines between work and play, and along the way helping to foster an environment, a culture, where ideas and innovation flourish, and small businesses are set-up for success. These snow-industry companies are a part of a growing, tight-knit community of entrepreneurs who are serving up right-sized portions of Colorado lifestyle to an enthusiastic marketplace. Collectively, Colorado’s craft brewers and distillers, cycling-industry companies, artisanal food producers, outdoor apparel brands, and supporting technology & design companies are employing local manufacturing, introducing new technologies, buoying local economies and ultimately, creating jobs. While a custom-made set of skis built to last a lifetime may not be for everyone, Mr. Diddlebock’s article is. Thank you for that fresh shot of inspiration.

Chuck Sullivan
Something Independent

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