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TEDxMileHigh showcases Colorado’s maverick thinkers and doers, risk takers, professional athletes, entrepreneurs and innovators.


Something Independent is honored to be partnering in the design of the first-year Exhibits Lounge experience at TEDxMileHigh. The Exhibits Lounge is where attendees can engage in thought provoking projects and inspiring discussions. Hands-on workshops, live product demonstrations and idea exchange sessions provide opportunity to truly engage with presenters and fellow attendees of TEDxMileHigh. The Exhibits Lounge is your place to connect and take in ideas.

A featured component within the TEDxMileHigh Exhibits Lounge is The Entrepreneurs Garage, a project of Something Independent. Every business starts as an idea. Every idea that becomes a business requires tinkering and the inevitable overhaul. For that certain entrepreneur, the garage is their initial incubator— where concept becomes prototype and prototype becomes a product. In the garage, we endeavor many a project and innovation happens late into the night. It is place where friends congregate, where ideas big and small are bantered about. The garage is context and camaraderie. It is also a space where work and play converge. It is home to road, mountain and cruiser bikes. Skis and snowboards, too. That second refrigerator keeps a stash of Colorado craft beers cold and waders drip-dry on hooks.

It was from this that The Entrepreneurs Garage was born. Be one of the first to experience it on June 1-2, 2012 at TEDxMileHigh. You will have the opportunity to meet some of the founders and innovators behind the products that fuel our Colorado lifestyle. Come by and chat as they share their stories and their craft. Participants in Something Independent’s Entrepreneurs Garage @TEDxMileHigh include:

David Liechty – Founder, Designer, Builder. Grace Skis
Allen Lim – Founder, Chief Scientist & Nurtritionist. Skratch Labs
Chris Sulfrain – Founder, Designer, Builder. Generic Cycles
Josh Culbertson – Founder, Designer, Builder. Avery County Cycles
Brad Fentress – Founder, Designer. Studio Como
Andrew Benson – Founder, Designer, Builder. Praxis Guitars
Oskar Blues Brewery – the first in the nation to can craft beers. Thanks, Dale!

Check back for the latest updates from The Entrepreneurs Garage.