The Wright

A three-day summit and award program showcasing the industry and culture of the outdoors. April 30 – May 2, 2019 | Golden, Colorado

Trade School

Exploring the nature of work through the perspective of outdoor-inspired artists, athletes, advocates and entrepreneurs.

S|I Outpost

On-the-road and into the heart of rural communities of the Mountain West, S|I uncovers honest stories of people, places and meaningful work.


Uncovering the impact of unique business and community collaborations.

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Over the years, we have come to know real work and the mindset that lies behind it -- a disposition inherent to the Rocky Mountain West and the independent-minded men and women who carve their paths here.

A look at The Wright

A toast to the independent-minded men and women of the Rocky Mountain West.

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The Wright

The Wright, a 3-day summit and award program illuminating the industry and culture of the outdoors returns April 29- May 2, to Golden, Colorado. Featuring a 3-part series of lunch-hour keynote conversations and a dozen afternoon panel discussions; all free and open to the public.

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